Itchy Feet.

1 May

So I haven’t started C25K today – partly because I’m feeling very lethargic, but mostly because I need a stop-watch-watch! I want to be able to time my runs, and the different sections on C25K whilst still being able to listen to my iPod (now fully charged and updated – woohoo!).

I’ve been reading a few different articles on running to music (the pros and cons) and suggestions for playlists, and am still firmly set on the fact that it will keep me occupied for longer if I have some banging tunes!

Here is a great selection of running playlists – I’ve gone with ‘2010 Playlist: Best Workout Song Remixes Of The Year’…will let you know in due course what I think.

So tomorrow is the big day (Am out on the town tonight, so hopefully I won’t be suffering too much..!)

I’ve spent most of this morning dreaming about going travelling again. In the Summer of 2009, I backpacked (well, actually I had a suitcase because I thought it would be easier (it was not!) but the experience must have been mostly the same!) around 10 major European cities. We were only away for a few weeks, but it was enough for me the catch the travelling bug!

I am hopefully going to have a family trip to New York for Christmas (Eeeek how exciting!) so it would make sense to stay stateside for a while – now just to plan my dream route! I do know one thing though, I will NEED to attend a party where they all drink out of red plastic cups like in the movies!

Where are your favourite places to visit in USA? Do you run to music? If so, what’s the verdict? And how do you measure your time/distance on C25K?

Must dash now – need to beautify myself (it could take hours!) for a night out on the tiles!

Much ❤



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