2 May

Hello you lovely people!


I am feeling a little fragile today – suffering from a lack of sleep, and too much vodka! I haven’t been out for ages though, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

After a quick nap this morning (!!), I headed in to town with Mum to the Barbican Jazz and Blues festival parade. It was amazing – so many people having so much fun! Unfortunately very, very windy, but everyone had gone to so much effort!

What a great show of umbrellas, and some VERY COOL instruments!

We also went to have a look around a few houses on the way home. We’ve been thinking about moving house for a while, but over the past few weeks have suddenly started to get our act together – All very exciting! Coincidentally, Caitlin has been talking about her ‘list’ today aswell.

In my opinion, choosing a house is rather like writing a job specification. You need a list of essentials, and also some desirable criteria. For example, We need 4 bedrooms (3x Bed, 1x Study) and seperated living and dinging rooms. In addition to this, space to have an outdoor table and chairs, and some off road parking would be nice! Plus obviously it needs to be close to a park – otherwise Maisie will not be happy!

Food and Fitness!

Despite the raging hangover, today is the first day in weeks that I have actively thought about eating sensibly, and it seems to be paying off! I did treat Mum to a coffee in town, so I had a hot chocolate as today’s ‘treat’, but other than that it’s going well. Butternut squash chilli for dinner – yummy! (Photos and recipe to follow).

This string of bank holidays is really throwing off my exercise regimes. Jazzercise keeps getting called off, and I want to get on to the swing of running on weekdays, but I’m constantly confused about which day it is at the moment!

So, tomorrow I need to get my act together! Also going to my first ‘Legs, Bums and Tums’ class this week – I will shift those final few pounds!

Goals this week:

Exercise 4 days.

Take pre-packed lunches to work.

Only drink 1 can diet coke per day.



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