Does true altruism exist?

3 May

Well, what a hectic day!

Back to work after the long weekend, and what a shock to the system is was! Lots of phonecalls to me made, post to be opened, and emails to be replied to! I even stayed for a few extra hours this afternoon to catch up a little!

I had to leave at 3pm because I had an appointment to give blood. I HATE needles, but I LOVE the feeling that I get from giving blood. I have had a few bad experiences (fainting!) in the past, yet giving blood makes me feel all wam inside! There are so many people in the country that can’t give their blood for various reasons, that if you can, I don’t see why you wouldn’t give 15 minutes of your time and save a life!

With all the problems that there are in the world today, the amount of, and range of, people that give their blood really restores some of my faith in humanity.

All this got me thinking about altruism and whether it truly exists. For example, I hate hate hate the needle going in to my arm, and donating blood is a pretty selfless act, but I felt pretty good about myself afterwards. Can you think of a totally altruistic act?

I had big plans to start C25K challenge today (I really did!) but was warned not to over exert myself by the nurse this afternoon, so I decided to call my friend Romin and take a walk around the reservoir to get my exercise fix instead.

The water was a lot lower than usual, and as a result there was a ‘beach’ most of the way around the water – absolutely beautiful, and also lots of new, fun places to explore!

We also found a teepee someone had built?!

Obviously we had to get in and play, being the mature 22-year olds that we are!

Unfortunately there was no ice cream van 😦 but home to tandoori chicken and roasted vegetables for dinner! (I was too hungry to take a picture!)

Do you give blood? Do you think that true altruism exists? If so, examples please?! What did you do for your ‘exercise fix’ today?

Time for bed now – I’m exhausted after day 1 of a manic week!



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