Wow, I’m going to be aching tomorrow!

4 May

Good evening everyone!

Another manic day today. I was tired this morning (reading blogs too close to bedtime last night left me wired!) so only had a small breakfast.

I managed to pull together a pear with some vanilla yoghurt and a sprinkling of Special K…and of course a nice brew! It was good, just didn’t keep me full for very long and by 10.30am my tummy was rumbling again! Luckily I had left a punnet of strawberries at work yesterday for a morning snack! 😀

When I got home this afternoon I had a bit of a cook up! Chocolate and Raspberry Scan Bran cake (see here for recipe and opinions!) and Baked Bean Lasagne (recipe and pics coming soon under the new recipes tab!), so hopefully I will be a bit more prepared for the next few days.

I feel a bit more at ease now because the thought of being busy and not having much time to prepare healthy food stresses me out a little!

What sort of things do you prepare in advance for these situations?

Earlier this evening I also attended my first ‘Legs Bums and Tums’ class, and boy was it difficult! I am going to hurt tomorrow! It was a new class, and everyone joining tonight got a pass for a half price class next week, so I will definitely be going back at least once more! I do love a good bargain!

In addition to this, I have decided to put off my C25K starting until next week. Rather unfortunate really because I was so keen to get started, but it’s already Wednesday, and I have a really busy few days and away at the weekend. I will be Jazzercize-ing tomorrow, but would rather save it until Monday when I can really commit to the pogramme.

I did jog a slow half-mile when I get in this evening though – so better than nothing!

Got a date with The Biggest Loser now – mmmmmm Bob Harper!


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