Guilty Pleasures.

5 May

So I came home this afternoon  after yet another hectic morning.

Started a little later than usual because Mummy and I went to view our first house! All very exciting! It had been very well done up, ticked most of the boxes but was just a little bit small. However, good to see what is out there!

When I left the house I totally tried to get in to the wrong car. Not the same model as mine either. Not even the same colour! Oh dear! :/

Then off to work. Thankfully after the string of Bank Holidays I am starting to get on top of the pile of papers that seems to be sat constantly in my in-tray!

Everyone had been out all morning, so Maisie was very happy to see me!

We went out for a little stroll in the rain 🙂

I got to wear my new wellies though! Woohoo! Do you like them?! 😀

I’m supposed to be sorting my room out this afternoon in preparation for the house viewings next week, but I’m exhausted!

So seeing as I’m the only person home, I’m catching

up on last night’s Waterloo Road. Not only do I love the story lines ( it’s the most dramatic school in the world!) but I have a bit of a crush on Mr Mead.


I don’t know what it is – I can’t explain it! Male teachers are a little bit sexy. And he has lots of power! Oooooof!

Off to weigh in later. You know how normally you can predict how it’s going to go based on how your week’s been? Well, today I have no idea. I’ve had a few sneaky snacks (okay, 2 easter eggs!) and not done too much exercise, but I had a cheeky mid-week weigh in (I wouldn’t recommend starting this – it can get a bit obsessive!) and seemed to be doing alright. So fingers crossed!

What sort of things do you look for when viewing a new property? Have you ever tried to get in to the wrong car?! Do you have a ‘guilty pleasure’ crush?

Hope you’re all having a fantastic Thursday – nearly the weekend!



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