Cocktails, Junk Food & Nandos.

8 May

I’m back – be honest, you’ve missed me haven’t you?!

I had a lovely weekend away visiting my friend Hannah 🙂

It started with a day at a boring computer course in Bristol for work, then I jumped on the train over to Cardiff.

Had about an hour to kill at the train station so had my first treat of the weekend!

This was just a sign of things to come! I had brought 4 reduced easter eggs to share with the girls, but because it was so hot and they had been left in the car al day they had melted! 😦

We had a quiet night in on Friday, a cheeky visit to McD’s and junk food galore! All except for my friend Sarah that is, who had a cauliflour?! Don’t get me wrong, I love vegetables more than the next person, but as a Friday night snack?!

Saturday brought with it more cuddles, lounging around, food and catching up – You must understand that I used to see this girl everyday, and it’s been 4 months! :O

In the evening we got all dolled up for a night out on the town.

Started off with some cocktails at Las Iguanas on Cardiff Bay.

Then we headed for our favourite restaurant – Nandos!! 😀

I had a meduim chicken pitta, with chips, coleslaw and macho peas. It was AMAZING! Ever moreso because all I’d eaten since the previos lunchtime was junk!

The night was relatively tame by our standards – swapped our previous funneled crates of strongbow for cocktails, and we were home by 1am!

It seems that we really have grown up a little since we graduated last year!

However, no night would be complete without some drunken silliness, and so we paid the magic roundabout a visit for some pictures!


Our fun didn’t last too long though as it started raining really hard, really quickly, and we got soaked!

After the best night sleep I’ve had in a while (probably helped by the cocktails!) it ws time to head home.

There’s something oddly relaxing but at the same time satisfying about travelling by train. I love people watching, and train passengers are always such an eclectic mix of individuals.

Plus, the views on the Bristol – Plymouth run are laaavely!

How was your weekend?



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