Friday Treats, Theatre & Tavistock.

14 May

Well, you’ll all be glad to know that I survived Friday 13th without getting hit by a freak hurricane or suchlike!

In fact I had a pretty good day 😀

On the way to work I saw a van advertising a ‘Professional Dog Walking’ service (‘Michelle’s Walkeeze’!!).


What qualifications exactly do you need to be a better than average dog walker? The ability to throw a ball a long way? The sort of person that doesn’t mind having to get in the river when a dog won’t come back?! Turns out you can actually do a diploma for this role – how bizarre!

Food and Fun!

I haven’t written about my meals over the past few days, so here’s a quick round up!

I forgot my camera when I went out yesterday 😥 so no pictures I’m afraid – use your imagination!!

Met some friends for lunch yesterday – this is usually a regular thing but due to computer courses and bank holidays and Royal Weddings lately, it’s been a while!

I had a tuna melt baguette, with curly fries and a side salad. Not very Fat Club friendly, but very yummy! And it was a Friday afterall…!

Continuing the Friday treat theme, we went to Pizza Express before the theatre last night, where I shared some Bruschetta with my Mum, and then enjoyed a ‘Pollo Ad Astra’ pizza (chicken, sweet pepperdew peppers, onions). One word. AMAZING!

I spent last night at the theatre watching To Kill A Mockingbird.


I was originally drawn to this because it was one of my favourite study texts at school. The play wasn’t done particularly well, but it doesn’t take away form the fact that it is a fantastic story. Telling such a complicated, controversial story through the eyes of a young child adds such a twist. I must read the book again soon…

Today I was back on the Scan Bran Cake for breakfast. Any sort of cake for brekkie can’t be that bad can it?!

After breakfast I headed in to Tavistock, as I knew the farmers market was on this morning.

Picked up some roasted rarlic, and roasted pepper and red onion breads, some lemonade (I kinda sorta maybe bought these for the bottle – aren’t they great?!) and some fresh strawberries 😀

So I picked up some cooked meats, had some salad left over from this week, and was all set for lunch.

Afterwards, I satisfied my sweet tooth with a cubed apple, topped with some apple and mango yoghurt – yummy!

I also found a cute new shop in town called ‘Odds and Suds’. Not only did the products look  great, but the soap literally smelt good enough to eat!!

Are you superstitious and did you survive Friday 13th? What other bizarre professional qualifications have you come across? And how are you spending your weekend?



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