Inception, C25K 1(3) and Goal Recap!

15 May

I finally got around to watching ‘Inception’ last night. I’m not big on dvds or going to the cinema – but everyone kept going on about how good it was so I thought it was about time I checked it out. Plus, I obviously wanted to see how well Leo had aged! 😉

Verdict: VERY good. A great idea and very clever. I probably need to watch it again though, because I get the feeling I missed things!


I finished my final C25K week 1 run this morning. I didn’t struggle, as such, but did find myself watching the clock more than usual. This week I’m going to run without my watch – I have a special C25K playlist, with a computerised man telling me when to run/walk, so no need to wear a watch.

I’m feeling pretty proud of myself, and am looking forward to week 2! 😀

Last week’s goals!

Exercise 4 days – Tick! I’ve been running 3 times, and once to Jazzercise this week!

Only drink 1x Diet Coke a day – I have been slightly more successful this week, but struggled when I went out on Friday night and had more than I should have. I need to make some decisions about what to order beforehand so that I can be more prepared 🙂

Snack less – I wouldn’t necessarily say that I have snacked less, but I have been much more organised about taking fruit etc to work, so that I am much more likely to get caught out on the snack front.

Goals this week!

Only drink 1x Diet Coke a day.

Exercise 5 times.

Lose 1.5lbs.


Now let’s talk about food – I know this is what you’re all here for!

I had my usual pre-run (well, actually, pre-anything!) breakfast.

Come lunchtime I was surprisingly hungry. Luckily, there was some Butternut Squash Chilli left over from last night, which I had with some salad.

(For all you Slimming World-ers out there, I added the salad because I am doing Success Express today!)

I’ve also prepared some fat club friendly cheesecake for after dinner tonight. I squashed a cereal bar in the bottom of the dish (heated up in the microwave to mae the ‘mashing’ easier!), and topped it with mixed quark and sweetener.

Later on, I’ll top it with some fresh strawberries I picked up at the farmers market yesterday.

Slimming World Lowdown – Free on all plans, providing the cereal bar(s) is used as a Healthy Extra B option.


Have you seen Inception? What did you think? Have you adapted any of your favourite desserts to be kinder to your waistline?



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