Motivation (Or Lack Thereof).

16 May

I couldn’t really be bothered to work out tonight.

Now understand that this is very unlike me. I LOVE Jazzercise. Like, I’m borderline obsessive. But for some reason, tonight I just couldn’t be bothered.

This led me to thinking about what motivates us to exercise and lose weight.

Tonight I went to Jazzercise because I had put it in my diary, and therefore I try to treat it like an appointment. I wouldn’t skip lunch with the girls because I was a little tired, so why would it be okay to skip a workout?

There are a few reasons for my wanting to lose those last few pounds.

I still feel fat. My clothes still feel tighter than comfortable. I have always been the ‘fat friend’ and I’m sick of it.

The positive twist on this that I have been working towards for the past month or so, is that the weekend after next I am heading to Cardiff for a weekend with lots of my university friends, and I want them to notice how much slimmer I’m looking! (A little vein, maybe, but who doesn’t love getting complimented?! 🙂 )

Also, bikini season is looming…

Food and Fitness!

Well, as I’ve already said I’ve Jazzercise-ed today (albeit half heartedly). I am also rather ambitiously setting my alarm for 6.45am to try and get in my first C25K run of the week – I have it pencilled in for tomorrow, and have no idea when I’ll have the time later in the day.

Despite having some more left over Butternut Squash Chilli for lunch, I was hungry again by the time I got home.

So I tucked in to some Brocolli and Pasta Cheesey Bake I found in the fridge 🙂

Well, I needed to fuel up!

When I got home my lovely Mum had made me some Cauliflour & Sweet Potato Curry, which I had along with a bowl of fresh strawberries 🙂

No photos here – Sorry I’ve been a bit lax on that front as of late…

What motivates you to exercise or hold back on the cupcakes?




2 Responses to “Motivation (Or Lack Thereof).”

  1. Deora May 17, 2011 at 3:37 am #

    Jazzercise sounds fun. I usually jog but my motivation to do it depends on my surroundings. When I lived in Japan, I jogged around a pond that had swans and ducks. Jogging in New York is kinda dull if you don’t live near a park. So, these days my workouts consist of speed walking around the city.

    Butternut Squash Chilli sounds tasty. I may try to make some. 🙂

    • Sophie @ threetimesf May 17, 2011 at 7:27 pm #

      It is tasty 🙂 I’ve got pics ready to upload to recipe (which I will hopefully fit in to my hectic schedule sometime soon..!) but in short, make it as you would a normal chilli but chuck in butternut squash and a handful of red lentils instead of the meat 🙂 YUM!
      Living in Japan sounds cool! I’ve heard speed walking is just as effective, although I’m sure if I was in NY I’d be very interested! (I wish..) 🙂

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