No Excuses.

17 May

So I was surprisingly successful at getting in a morning workout (C25K 2(1) ) today. I think this is the first time I have ever done that!

The run in itself was okay – I was a little worried about the jump from week 1 to 2 given that I am about as ‘beginner’ as you can get when it comes to running…but my body seemed to cope alright. Thankfully the cereal bar that I wolfed down whilst still in bed was enough to give me that little energy boost!

I quite like the idea of running in the morning and getting a workout done before the day even really starts – This way, there really are no excuses. It’s also a little cooler, but not too cold at this time of year, although this morning it was a bit grey.

Also, the ‘morning lull’ that I normally get around 10.30-11am (and can therefore be eliminated with a morning snack) came earlier because I had been awake for longer!

All in all though, a good start to my day, and something that I will try to incorporate in to my weekly schedules.

I also appreciated breakfast a lot more. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am big on breakfast, but haven’t always been that way. Throughout school I would skip breakfast in favour of a packet of crisps of chocolate bar at breaktime. i would eat healthy evening meals, but in general had a pretty unhealthy relationship with food.

However, 5 years later and I am eating breakfast everyday, and view chocolate and crisps as a treat, not a regular part of my diet, but that’s a story for another day.

Breakfast this morning:

A few slices of Chocolate and Berry Scan Bran Cake – I try to have this as a staple every day as it tends to keep me fuller for longer.

Followed by a fruit bowl with a huge dollop of fat free strawberry yoghurt 🙂

Then it was off for a quiet morning at work – when the boss is away, the kiddies will play! Lots of catching up on my favourite blogs, sending emails and generally organising my inbox.

Also managed to get in a little prep for my big interview on Thursday.

Now I think it’s time to make some cake 😀



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