Motivations & Expectations.

19 May

Another CRAZY day!

I left home at 7.30am this morning for my interview at Taunton School International, and have been on the go ever since (it’s now 9.40pm!).

I think the interview went okay, although I ws horribly flustered by the time I got there due to traffic jams and accidents and general running lateness!

The school was AMAZING though (seriously, I’ve never seen anything like it!). No photos I’m afraid – I didn’t want to be the wierdo taking pictures of the kids (frowned upon…) or the food (it was the first time I’d met these people and the impression I was making was important!), so just words today – sorry guys!

Weigh in tonight aswell – I gained another 1lb 😦 I’m gutted, but I completely deserve it. I have all the expectations of myself without the motivation to do anything about it.

As of tomorrow, ‘Operation Shake Myself Up!’ begins!

Do you ever get stuck in a rut on your weight loss journey?



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