Friday Thoughts & C25K 2(2).

20 May

I went out for lunch with my school friends today – Feet up Friday! I ordered the Creamy cajun chicken pasta, and this is what I got…

It was lovely, but I don’t think there was any cream, and there definitely wasn’t any chicken! :/

A few days behind schedule, but I finally managed to get C25K run week 2, run 2 in this evening. I was exhausted when I got home form lunch, but couldn’t see when else I was going to fit it in.

I felt like I was struggling, but apparantly I just missed the ‘half way’ prompt, because all of a sudden I head ‘Great job, now remember to complete your 5 minute cool down’! I tried to run a little faster than I have been aswell – I’m a little concerned that I haven’t been covering enough distance so far.

Despite having lunch out, I was hungry and feeling a little lazy after my run, so I resorted to a few store cupboard staples!

Savoury rice (from a packet!) with added mushrooms, sweetcorn & peas, mixed bean salad (from a tin!) and some cold leftover asparagus.

Followed by some fruit cake made by my very talented Mummy 😀

Easy, and very very satisfying!

I’ve been thinking about a few small changes that I can make this week, and came across this article by Bob Harper (LOVE him!). I especially like the tip about drinking a pint of water first thing in the morning 🙂 , and I’m going to focus on not eating mindlessly in front of the tv.

I’d love to know what your ‘store cupboard staples’ are!



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