21 May

Firstly, I came across this website today. It delivers boxes of healthy snacks direct to your doorstep (or more importantly – office desk!) Has anyone ever tried it? Verdict please – I’m tempted!


Seeing as I had the day to myself, I decided to head back to my new favourite haunt!

They have free wifi, so it seemed like the perfect excuse to get out of the house and get some work done. I wrote for a while, then chilled out for a while – it’s been a long week!

I spent my afternoon working on some future posts – Coming soon, Breaking Comfort Zones, Running Rookie & Motivation for Wanting to Lose Weight.

I had a diet coke, and some jellybeans.

How cool is it that they serve jellybeans?!

When I got home, the ‘For Sale’ sign had appeared outside – I’m not sure I like it – it feels very very strange!

I’ve lived here for the past 19 years – I find it hard to imagine having another ‘home’. Even when I lived away at uni, this house was always here to come back to…

Fitness & Food!

I wrapped up warm, and Maisie and I went for a walk 😀

ps – I dyed my hair this morning – do you like it?!

Lovely day – I needed it 🙂

Now for some dinner – Chickpea & Chilli burger, with salad, mixed beans and gherkins.

How have you spent your Saturday?



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