Breaking Comfort Zones: Part 1!

25 May

I used to work at a successful marketing company carrying out door-to-door sales, and ‘break your comfort zone’ was everyone’s favourite phrase…except mine! Gradually, however, I started to try new things that made me feel very anxious to start with (there were a lot of tears!), and noticed the vast effects these actions were having on my confidence – it felt amazing!

Unfortunately though, this and the people were the only amazing things about that job.

I soon moved on to something else. I was fortunate enough to realise the things that I had learnt and take them with me.

New challenges and the oppurtunity to break a comfort zone arise regularly in all aspects of life. Work, food and fitness are just 3 examples.

Take work, for instance. Lately, I have had to make a lot of SCARY phonecalls at work! It took me a while to form a strategy, and realise that the worst thing that could happen would be for either the person at the other end of the phone  to yell and/or hang up on me, or I would clam up, make my excuses and swiftly end the call. However, it took a fair few nervous breakdowns to realise this and just get on with the task in hand.

Comfort zone #1 broken!

Making calls at the office is slightly different to trying a new food or getting off my behind and going for a run, because it’s a new part of my job and I have to do it.

This doesn’t mean it’s any easier though!

Comfort Zones 2&3 coming soon!


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