Breaking Comfort Zones: Part 2!

26 May

See Breaking Comfort Zones: Part 1 here.

When I was a little girl, my Grandad had a greenhouse at the bottom of his garden where he grew tomatoes and lots of other fruit and vegetables. One day I had a ‘bad’ tomato and have hated them ever since! There are other foods that I don’t like, but nothing else comes close to this fruit/vegetable hybrid! I’ll eat chopped ones cooked in things, but ketchup, or tomatoes in salads are a big no no in my eyes!

A few weeks ago before a night at the theatre, I had dinner at Pizza Express with my mother and some friends, where I shared some Brushchetta covered in raw, diced tomatoes with my Mum. No complaints, I juts gobbled it all up – and survived to tell the tale! I wouldn’t say they were a new favourite, but Comfort Zone #2 = Broken!

Comfort Zone #3 is one that I am currently working on – I think that everyone is staring at me when I go running! Now, obviously, this is not true! And I go anyway because I am sort of enjoying C25K (never thought I’d say..or in this case, write!..that!), but I am definitely not comfortable going running yet. For example, I always go alone (well, occasionally I allow Maisie to see me as the red, sweaty mess that even light jogging causes me to become!) despite the fact that my mother, brother and a handful of my friends run.

I know that I will overcome this because I have experienced it before, notably the first time I attended a Jazzercise class, but it will take time.

Are there any comfort zones that you have successfully broken? Or would like to? I’d love to hear your stories!



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