C25K & Graze.com!

2 Jun

Firstly, I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting you lovely people a little over the past few days – life has been manic!

Secondly, I have a confession to make – I failed to complete workouts 2&3 of C25K week 3 last week. Lots of things jut got in the way – I know I was busy but still, that’s no excuse. I managed to fit in time to watch tv everyday which means I could have made time to run.

I’m not going to beat myself up about it though, what’s the point?! I am just going to spread week 3 out over 2 weeks, and carry on as normal next week 🙂 I am determined to complete this programme if it kills me!!

Anyway, moving on to much more exciting things – look what I received at work today!

My first graze.com box!

For those of you that don’t know, graze.com is a cool website where you can rate you favourite healthy snacks and have a box delivered straight to your letterbox (or in this case, desk!)

My box included:

Orange & Ginger Flapjack. – These were amazing, seriously the best flap jacks I’ve ever tasted!

Love Mix (Cherries, Goji Berries & Apricots).

New England (Apple & Cranberries) & Fruit Squash (Blueberries, Mango & Pumpkin Seeds). No pics of these too yet I’m afraid, they are still sat on my desk waiting for me tomorrow! 🙂

I had a special discount code form a friend to receive this box for free (Thanks Rozenn!), but I believe they normally cost £3-4 – not bad considering the convenience!

If you want to try it out and receive your first box free, use my code at the checout! 🙂 Don’t say that I don’t look after you guys! 😉



On that note, Maisie and I are off for an evening stroll armed with the camera.



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