Monday Blues.

6 Jun

I’ve got the Monday blues. Don’t you just hate it when your alarm goes off but your bed is so comfy and warm that you would give literally anything to stay there for an extra half hour?

That’s how I felt today 😦

I also told my boss about my new job this morning. He seemed happy for me (He knew I was never planning to stay long term), but my temporary contract ends next week and now I’m nervous about my job security over the next 6 weeks. It’s making me feel all anxious and on-edge. 😦 Any advice?!

Thankfully I am home now. Just scoffed some Savoury Rice with Asparagus for lunch – so simple, but definitely one of my favourites.

Going to head out for a stroll with Maisie now (I need to make a good start on my 300k steps challenge!), and then to Jazzercise later on.

How is your Monday going?



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