London 2012.

7 Jun

Well, with only 416 days to go until the opening ceremony, London 2012 is all over the news – which I imagine will be the case for the next 18months at least.


Hearing about it constantly got me thinking about the impacts, both positive and negative, of the Olympics being held in my country.

Firstly, there are new sports facilities popping up everywhere. Not only for Olympic events. The whole event seems to be having a knock-on effect all over the country – hopefully this can only be a good thing for tackling some of our weight and fitness lifestyle problems.

In turn, all of these facilities are causing people to put themselves out there and get recognised, and providing some fantastic oppurtunities for young British athletes.

Understandably, everyone is also becoming a little obsessed with the effects of an event of this size on the economy. Hotels, B&Bs and new transport systems are popping up everywhere. Building contracts are being taken up, new jobs are being created and are gratefully received – however temporary.

None of this can be a bad things right?

Sure the country is going to go a bit mad for a month. Sure there is going to be a ridiculous amount of media attention, probably not all positive. But the oppurtunity to host an event such as this is an honour, and I for one am excited already!

What are your thoughts? Will you be making special allowances when the time finally comes – trips to the capital? Time off work? Let me know!

Just had some salad and a yoghurt for lunch:

In the mix – Mixed leaves and Rocket (grown in my neighbours garden and hand-picked this morning!) with some Asparagus, and a little Ham & Smoked Salmon buried in there somewhere!

Have done level one of 30DS already, and now off for a wander with Maisie.


ps – I promise I’ll be getting back on track with the 30Day Photo Challenge later today/tomorrow. Determined face!


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