Lazy Days.

11 Jun

Last night I went out with my friends Erica and Gemma, and Gemma’s lovely Mum, Michelle.

Daddy Gemma was away for the weekend, so we decided to take Michelle under our wing!

We went to dinner where I split some Creme Cheese stuffed Jalapenos with Erica, followed by a Cajun Chicken Breast with a Jacket Potato and Salad.

After dinner we headed out for a dance at Annabelles.

We normally go out on Saturday night – turns out Friday is pretty quiet?!

We had LOADS of room to dance! 😀

Despite not getting to bed too late, I have had a lazy day today.

And I’ve eaten A LOT. Not bad stuff, but a lot of it!

My favourite ‘snack’ was this Chickpea Dahl (recipe coming soon!)

It didn’t come out of the tin as a full loaf like it should have, so I just ate the rest out of the tin with a spoon! (Every cloud and all that eh?!)

I am going to have a stirfry for dinner in a short while, then try and curb my munching for the evening!

How have you spend your Saturday?


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