My Motivation For Starting.

14 Jun

I often come across posts on other blogs about the blogger’s motivation to start, and more importantly carry on with, their weight loss journeys.

Some people have a seperate motivation & goals page whilst others list reasons on their ‘About Me’ page.

When I first started blogging, I posted a quick story explaining how I got to where I am today and what I am doing about it, but I never thoroughly listed my reasons to lose weight so here goes! (Deep breath in!)

* I’m sick of being the fat friend. Especially at Univeristy, I lived with 2 other beautiful, slim girls.

We had a blast living together, but a) they always received all the male attention, and b) I always felt slightly inferior to them. Now generally, I am a pretty confident person, and I know that male attention isn’t everything – but it’d be nice to get some every now and then, you know?!

* Bikini season is looming! Getting naked on the beach is difficult enough without  worrying about the extra pounds that I am currently carrying!

* I want to be fitter! My friends an I run (no pun intended!) in circles where we lead very active lives and spend a lot of ‘outdoor time’ together! I want to be able to get fully involved in grown up play time! In addition to this, I dream of running a half marathon (maybe even a full one :O ), but seriously think that if I attempted even running 5k at this point in time I may die?!

* Finally, I love the extra energythat exercising and fuelling my body with the right foods provides me with, and I don’t ever ever want to lose that!

So there you have it!

Sometimes I lose sight of these long-term goals (normally when I gain sight of a chocolate cake!) but they are always there, deep down.

What motivates you to eat right and exercise? How did you get started?



One Response to “My Motivation For Starting.”

  1. Faith June 15, 2011 at 3:50 am #

    energy, energy, energy! Exercising gives me a ton of energy. It also clears my brain! I like to go for long walks before I write blog posts or after doing anything stressful.

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