The One That Got Away.

16 Jun

Well lovely readers, I have something a little different for you today. As promised at the beginning of the week, it’s time to tell the tale of the one that got away.

(I love documenting my food and exercise and healthy living goals, but the blogs that I love to read also tell stories and a little insight in to the blogger, so this is what this is! I want us to be friends see?!)

We all have that one person (well, in my case there are 2..but I’m only going to disuss one today), and in my case his name was (well is, but the story seems to call for past tense!) Dan.

We met at the beginning of university through a mutual friend, and were on the same course taking many of the same lectures. Now, my friends and I all played a particular role within our group – I was the good friend – always there to offer a hand, a shoulder to cry on or some moral support. Dan was the joker, ‘Jack the lad’ if you will – his life revolved around football, beer, having a laugh with the boys and oggling Molly from The Saturdays.


I guess ours is a typical student story of unrequited love – I liked him, then he liked me, then I liked him again – this viscious circle continued for about 18 months before anything was said!

As soon as dissertations were written, it seemed to dawn on us – the bittersweet realisation that we only had a few weeks left together. The dvd nights, junk food extravaganzas and homemade cocktails were about to come to an end.

Over that last month, I savoured every last minute I spent with my friends, Dan especially. We managed a few stolen kisses and cuddles, and then before I knew it it was time for it all to end.

Somewhere between a lot of drunkeness, afternoons of sunbathing and late night study buddy dates, I fell for that boy. I fell for him bad, and my biggest regret is that I never revealed to him the true extent of my feelings.

Now he has a girlfriend and I may never get my chance again.

So here’s my advice to you – Have the courgae to tell those that you love the truth!

The worst thing that could happen is that they could tell you that they don’t feel the same – and take my word for it, that can’t be any worse than not knowing what could have been.

Tell me your stories of ‘the one that got away’ – you must have one!



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