Doing Life Again.

27 Jun

I know you probably think I’m a little bit obsessed with Ben’s blog at the mo, but he speaks real sense – Life is rubbish when you’re not ‘doing it’!

I haven’t worked out for about 8 days now, and have been eating a load of rubbish over the weekend. I was feeling like total poo.

It was an effort to drag myself to Jazzercise tonight, but I’m so glad that I went.

Post workout…

Time to re-fuel…

Steamed Salmon with some Rice (I know it blends in to the plate, but promise it is there!) with Brocolli & Asparagus. Can you tell I like Pepper?!

With some great entertainment…

4th Set…totally even…come on Nadal!



3 Responses to “Doing Life Again.”

  1. Faith June 27, 2011 at 9:48 pm #

    Jazzercise is one of those things I’d never heard of before a few weeks ago, and now it’s everywhere!


  1. Pre Weigh In Nerves & End Of Month Round Up. « threetimesf - July 1, 2011

    […] been back on track since then – lots of veggies and working out and doing life, but I am still nervous. I would literally be over the moon if I could maintain again […]

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