Hockey Tour Tales.

19 Jul

It’s been mentioned a few times on here that I used to be quite the social drinker up until I graduated university last year.

I hardly drink at all anymore, except for special occasions, and weekends such as this one…

Hello Hockey Tour!

There was hockey…

There was alcohol…There was A LOT of rain…


A great weekend though. Yes, I had a lot too much to drink on Saturday night, and camping in a thunder storm for 2 nights isn’t my idea of bliss, but it was nice to catch up with old friends again, and get a bit of hockey in.

I’m kind of kidding myself that I got in some pretty good workouts over the last few days – a) this is a lie, and b) even if I had they would definitely have been counteracted by the amount of alcohol that was consumed.

I’m determined to fit at least some exercise in to my hectic schedule this week though.

How was your weekend?

I’m finding it pretty hard to believe that tomorrow is my last day in the office, and on Saturday I start my new job.

I stocked up on some wine and cards for my boss today – I never thought I’d be this sad to leave 😦


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