21 Jul

Ooooooh, new job nerves are really starting to kick in now!

I left my old…current…old job yesterday. It was a sort of bittersweet feeling – although I am really happy about starting at school (the new job…this could get confusing!) I am a bit gutted to be leaving the office – the work is sometimes dull but I really could not wish to work for nicer people 🙂

In my head it is still 6 weeks until I move to Taunton and start. In reality, it is now less than 48 hours!

The only thing I have done to prepare so far is to get a hair chop… (pictures coming tomorrow once camera has been charged!)

I am very excited about the job, don’t get me wrong, but the whole moving to another town where I don’t know anyone is a little very daunting.

Plus, I’ll REALLY miss Maisie.

Who couldn’t miss that face?!

In other news, I lost 2lbs this week. WOOHOO!

Big apologies for being pretty quiet lately – life is manic, but I promise I will sort my threetimesf act out soon!



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