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30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 21!

27 Jul

Today has been a good day. My first day off (very soon, I know!)

I woke up early for the breakfast shift, then hopped on the train to Exeter to meet Mummy for coffee and a spot of shopping 🙂

I didn’t get anything, but it was nice to wander around and have some relaxing time! Continuing on this theme, once we got home I spent the afternoon sunbathing in the garden, and just had a spontaneous BBQ at the beach – lush!

Photos are currently uploading so a full rundown will be coming your way in the morning!

A picture of something you wish you could forget.

I wish I could forget some of the stupid things that I did this night, and the hangover that followed….!

How has your day been? What did you get up to besides work/school?




26 Jul

Was up at 6.30am for a fire drill this morning. It is now 10.45pm – I have been on the go non-stop and am still going.

Note to self: Start to incorporate nap time in to my daily routine.

Catch Up!

26 Jul


Sorry again that I have been MIA for the past few days – I finally have the internet sorted in my flat!

So the time has finally come – on Saturday I moved to Taunton to start my new job. The move was pretty smooth – I have the flat to myself until another girl moves in when term time starts in September, and I have finally sorted the internet out – woohoo!!

I am just about settling in to the day-to-day routine which starts at 6.45am when the wake-up bell goes off and I get the girls up and to breakfast for 7.20am. Once I have ensured that the students get to lessons for 8.30am I am off duty – it appears that I will normally be using this time to go back to bed for a few hours!

I have free time then until the ‘afternoon shift’ starts at 3.30pm with registers and an hour of sport. The sport varies (the facilities here are amazing – like seriously, the best I have seen in a very long time!) – yesterday I was working in the fitness suite, but there are options of rounders, volleyball, swimming and croquet amongst others!

After sports and dinner, the students either have free time or an evening activity is arranged. So far the activities have been archery, jewelerry making, a dvd, and tonight we are off to Brean Leisure Park

Bedtime is at about 10pm, when we are then on duty overnight until after breakfast the next morning. So far so good – the first night was pretty hectic, and we have since has fire drills etc which meant getting everyone up, but other than that I am settling in pretty well.

The verdict is – very full on and hard work, but good fun 🙂

I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy my next year here…

Posts coming later on about how I am managing my diet or not, and fitting workouts in here.

What is your daily routine?


ps – Sorry this is all words! I need to start cracking out my mad photography skills around here!

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 20!

25 Jul

A picture of the place you would most like to travel.


This was a tough one – there are loads of places I would like to visit/return to, but top of the list is New York.

How about you?



25 Jul

Good Morning guys!

Sorry for the absence of late – I moved to Taunton at the weekend and have recently started my new job! I am having an internet nightmare but will be back with you asap!

What’s been happenning with you guys?


Thought For Friday.

22 Jul


Happy Frday Everyone!


21 Jul

Ooooooh, new job nerves are really starting to kick in now!

I left my old…current…old job yesterday. It was a sort of bittersweet feeling – although I am really happy about starting at school (the new job…this could get confusing!) I am a bit gutted to be leaving the office – the work is sometimes dull but I really could not wish to work for nicer people 🙂

In my head it is still 6 weeks until I move to Taunton and start. In reality, it is now less than 48 hours!

The only thing I have done to prepare so far is to get a hair chop… (pictures coming tomorrow once camera has been charged!)

I am very excited about the job, don’t get me wrong, but the whole moving to another town where I don’t know anyone is a little very daunting.

Plus, I’ll REALLY miss Maisie.

Who couldn’t miss that face?!

In other news, I lost 2lbs this week. WOOHOO!

Big apologies for being pretty quiet lately – life is manic, but I promise I will sort my threetimesf act out soon!