The Brizzle.

6 Aug

My wordpress is having a bit of a spaz attack today and won’t let me update any pictures 😦 so threetimesf is starting to look a little dull and wordy 😦 !!

I’ve had a lovely day out shopping in Bristol today. The kids were off on a school trip to the fottball stadium and shopping. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough room on the coach but Freya, one of the girls that works in the office, and myself decided to go on the train anyway – and I’m so glad we did! (£7.25 return = massive winner! And so much more civilised than a coach journey with 40 overexcited kids!)

I was pretty restrained and only bought a new dress and some Toms shoes.

(Pictures coming later…)

I’ll write some more about Toms shoes later aswell – they are a freakin’ awesome company 😀

Back to work for the evening now – I’m exhausted already and it’s only 6.30pm – that can’t be a good sign?!

How’s your weekend?



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