Forgetting Thursday!

11 Aug

I was hoping yesterday that when I posted my new ‘schedule’, I would sort of be letting myself off the hook for a while (I realise this sounds a little like I don’t like blogging, which is not the case!) but I forgot that today is Thursday…

Oh well, good job I’ve got some stuff to talk about!

Waking up in Cardiff with my favourite girls was lovely. The train journey back to Taunton, however, was not. Bleugh – I feel like all I have done lately is sit on a train! (Sidenote: Thank God for railcards and 1/3 off!)

Lunch with my Godfather and his girlfriend was also fantastic.

Let me explain.. My godfather lived in Australia when I was growing up, then moved back to the UK about 2 years ago. He has been working and chilling out, and is now moving to Tanzania for 2 years?! He is literally the most unpredictable human being I have ever met! So obviously we had to have lunch before he left! (Ham, Cheese and Coleslaw baguette incase you’re wondering – yummy!)

Work has a little hectic. We had a Circus Skills workshop in the evening. It was a lot beter than I expected, and I was so close to being able to juggle. I really need to get some balls (ahem!) and practice.


I want to be like this!

It was a busy night in the house too – there were tears because everyone is going home on Saturday. Some of the girls are upset about leaving their friends (and more importantly) new love interests! I will miss them too…

It is surprising how much the students will tell you when given half the chance – all they want is an older sister figure…and I am more than happy to step up 😀

Oooooh, and my little brother is in hospital with appendicitis at the moment. Well, not anymore because they whipped the thing right out yesterday, but you know what I mean?! Get well soon, little bro! (Sidenote: My family have no idea about threetimesf, but one day we will be able to look back and he will know that I care! Evidence of this will be backed up by this post.)

So, questions questions! Do you have a blog posting schedule? Can you juggle?! (If so, tips please!) or do you know any other cool ‘circus’ tricks?



3 Responses to “Forgetting Thursday!”

  1. smallgirl August 11, 2011 at 8:47 am #

    Learning to juggle is pretty cool, I hope you manage it! Glad you’re getting on all right in the new job. (And a definite yes to the power of the railcard. I still have one at 26, except it says “mature student” on it. Tragic, but a lifesaver!)

  2. Carolina John August 11, 2011 at 1:34 pm #

    I actually taught myself how to juggle back in college when I tried to quit smoking and needed something else to do with my hands. Today the kids love it.

    I also have recently started a new job that’s going to let me post on a more regular basis, so that’s pretty neat. I’m trying to go two or three times a week.

    • Sophie @ threetimesf August 15, 2011 at 4:43 pm #

      I am hoping I can master it soon, then it can be my party trick at school! Oooh good luck with the new job – I look forward to the more regular posts 🙂

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