The One Where I Pour My Heart Out.

31 Aug

Didn’t you just love how all ‘Friends’ episodes were called ‘the one that…’. I always used to chuckle because it was so true – everyone says that! ‘Oh, you know, it’s the one where…’. Now if only threetimesf could become as popular and famous as Jennifer Aniston, and we’d be rockin’!

Anyway, enough of the chat – I’m freaking out a little! (Btw, if you’re sick of all the house moving chat [I am!] Stop reading now…). I am sad and scared to be moving out of the house where I have lived for the past 18 years. There I said it.

I have been putting on a happy front because I know deep down that this decision is not about me – I don’t really live there anymore, and as long as my Mum is happy and feels at home then that’s all that matters. I know that there are definitely pros to moving in to the city, but I am struggling to remember them at the moment.

All my childhood memories are here. My friends are here. My Dad lived in this house. I snuck boys in to this house. I had secret teenage parties in this house. I’ve loved, I’ve celebrated and I’ve cried in this house.

I know that moving to the city is a new and exciting adventure, and I will make new friends (not that I’m moving miles away – I can come back to Clearbrook whenever I like!) and I will create new memories, but still – it’s sad and I’m freaking out.

Reassure me a little, will you?!



2 Responses to “The One Where I Pour My Heart Out.”

  1. Stesha September 3, 2011 at 6:22 pm #

    i love friends!!! and I love how its starts with “the one where…” Beautiful picture. hope you having a wonderful weekend! As you can see I am catching up on doing…nothing!! haha


    Classic & Bubbly

    • Sophie @ threetimesf September 4, 2011 at 3:19 pm #

      My weekend is starting to get that way – lots of R&R (yay!), not a lot of required life sorting! Have a great weekend 🙂

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