PGL & 9/11 Memories.

12 Sep

Oh my, I have only been away from my laptop for 3 days and have 50+ posts to catch up with on bloglovin’! I guess that’s my afternoon accounted for!

Well, I survived PGL! Thankfully I was allocated a fantastic team of students, and it was lovely to be able to work with smaller groups and get to really know some of the kids. You’ll also be glad to hear that I only cried once….that means 5 tear-free activities in the air! Overall, a great weekend.

One massive downside of being away this weekend was that I am late in posting about 9/11 – Sorry America. I always feel so bizarre and a little uneasy about the 9/11 attacks – I know that I am so lucky not to have known anyone killed that day and to have experience real panic.

This will probably shock you but I didn’t even find out about the attacks until about 4 days later?! I was on a school trip in France, and although I had heard the teachers talk about aeroplanes, I was too busy chaing boys and laughung with my friends. I remember that when I got home my Mum was watching the follow up in the days later on the news. While I was away my room had been decorated and I was so excited to go and have a look, but I remember Mum shouting and telling me that I must watch the news because ‘the world has just changed forever’.

I am so grateful for my own safety, and for everyone who puts their lives on the line to protect my country and freedom. Thank you. And to everyone who was tragically taken on that day 10 years ago – May you rest in peace and never be forgotten.

What are your memories of 9/11?



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