Back On The Bandwagon.

14 Sep

Back to the gym today. 20 mins on the bike, 10 mins on cross trainer, and 20 mins on the dreadmill. Throw in a few stretches and I’m feeling pretty well worked out! It’s been a while so I’m just hoping that I’ll still be feeling good tomorrow!

Life is good – school is busy but not too busy. I am getting my head down in a few projects, and getting to know a few of the kids much better. It surprises me that I can have a ‘real’ conversation with a 16 year old. I know it probably shouldn’t but I just haven’t been around anyone that age for such a long time…

My Mum and Bro are all safely moved in to the new place and are settling in well. Apparantly Maisie is even starting to come round to life as a city dog! They are coming to visit me on Sunday which is exciting – it’s only been a few weeks but I miss those guys!

Now I have a night of bloglovin’ and email catch up planned 😀

What good things are going on in your life right now? Did you get a workout in today?



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