Friday Thoughts.

30 Sep

How’s your day been everyone?

Check me out posting twice in a day – that hasn’t happenned in a while?! I’m glad to be getting back in to the blogging swing though 🙂

I can’t believe how sunny it’s been today?! 26* in Taunton this afternoon, and supposed to be getting warmer tomorrow. That is mental!

I played table tenning for over an hour this evening. I think I’m getting a bit addicted to that game! I’ve been complimented on my skills twice in as many days, so all the time wasting is obviously paying off! Winner!

I have been working on my running at the gym (hate the dreadmill but it is too hot to run outside at the moment) and am starting to see my efforts pay off. I was bright red and literally dripping in sweat this morning – combine that with my sun burn from yesterday and a red t-shirt and you’ve got yourself a good look. I am so attractive sometimes!

Finally, I’ll share this with you for a Friday night… My blog got 2 hits today from people searching  ‘Job title underwear vegetable’. Seriously, what?!

What’s the weirdest search engine phrase that has ever referred someone to your blog?



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