Before You Were Mine.

11 Oct

I’ve been at home again this weekend for more unpacking and trips down memory lane.

When I was at school, we had to study a lot of poetry for an English Literature poem. Despite hating it at the time, there are 2 poems that have always stuck in my mind.

One of these was ‘Before you were mine’, by Carol Ann Duffy. One of our assignments was to write our own version of this poem, and I remember being really proud of how I managed to link mine to Mary Poppins (love that film!)

Anyway…guess what I came across this weekend?!

Years before you came to care for me,

Before you arrived on your umbrella,

I’m years ahead of that picture you enter,

Riding your painted horse through the fantasy fields,

With Michale and Susan and Bert and the fox.

A modern day Mary, You danced the night away,

Stunning and glamorous, you partied the street,

Without me and my dominating howl,

You were young, having fun and carefree.

Years before my baby rice and milk,

You were learning your trade,

Years before our walks in the park,

You were learning how to make the medicine go down.

When you left for Canada, flying off on your umbrella,

We said goodbye to the fun we had together,

And I was alone again,

Just as it was before you were mine.

Does anything that you studied at school really stick out in your mind?



One Response to “Before You Were Mine.”

  1. Carolina John October 11, 2011 at 2:13 pm #

    I became a big fan of William Carlos Williams at college, he’s a beat poet. Can’t remember now why I liked him so much, but I just did.

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