Monday Memories: The Day We Met Maisie.

31 Oct

Hello lovelies,

I hope you had a fantastic weekend? I can’t believe it’s Monday again already (I feel like I’m saying that every week at the moment!

Time for a new series! 🙂

Now, anybody who has read more than a few threetimesf  will have met Maisie!

Today’s memory is about the day that I first met Moo 🙂

A sad story with a very happy ending.

It was about a month after my Dad died, and we had been talking about getting a dog for a while. I was 16, and used to have a weekend job working as a waitress at the local pub. A woman there was breeding black labradors, and I really wanted one (seriously, I have never pestered my mother about anything more in my life!)

One day I came home from school, opened the front door and I had a puppy scrambling all over me!

I remember being so so excited, and obviously was very keen to walk her (I wondered how long that would last?!). Over dinner that evening we decided to call her Suki.

The honeymoon period soon ended when Suki started getting really sick. Endless trips to the vet ensued, and we were constantly up in the night sitting with her and cleaning up accidents.

I forget how long Suki was with us, but in the end we decided to have her put down (she wasn’t going to get better.)

I was devastated.

My Mum had called the breeder, to let her know what had happenned, and she told us that she still had one pup that she had been unable to home.

Enter Maisie in to our lives!

As soon as we had a ‘healthy’ puppy, it became apparant how sick Suki had been. Ironically, we knew we would be leaving her home alone during the day and has chosen her for her quiet, shy personality.

I guess this is all a bit of a blessing in disguise, because although it caused a great deal of heartache, Maisie is the best dog I could wish for 🙂

Do you remember the first time that you ‘met’ your pet?



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