9 Jan

I hate getting back on the exercise bandwagon after a break (I seem to be taking breaks all too often these days!) But I did manage 5k on the bike (13mins) and a very brief stint on the treadmill today. This afternoon we had a netball class aswell. As a general rule, I don’t really like netball (it goes against all natural sporting instincts – what sort of game makes you stop when you get the ball?!!) but I actually reall enjoyed it. Basketball tomorrow too… 🙂

Dinner was healthy, but I have totally just eaten so much that I feel a bit sick…! oops!

Either way, I’m feeling proud of myself for just putting myself out there again 🙂

In other news life is still hectic – last month a lot happenned (that the blog conveniently missed out on – sorry about that guys!) but it has left me feeling a bit overwhelmed now that I am back at school and life is go go go!

How’s your day been?



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