January Weekend Blues.

14 Jan

Well, it’s the start of another long weekend at school and I am already exhausted. How long is it until half term again?!

I love my job, don’t get me wrong, but getting back in to the routine of 7.15am wake-ups, and at least 11pm bedtimes is difficult. I NEED MY SLEEP!! Otherwise friendly Miss L, soon turns in to moody, unhelpful Miss L!

I got up and went for a walk this morning before work started. The frost was still on the ground, but it was a bright, sunny morning, and perfect for clearing my head a little. Obviously listened to a little Susan Boyle to calm myself, cos I’m cool like that. (Seriously though, I bought my Mum her album for Christmas and she’s actually pretty awesome?!)

Weekends at school tend to be pretty easy work (sitting around watching dvds/football/trashy Music videos), yet somehow they always leave me feeling shattered! I guess it’s the constant flow of questions and socialising with students that keeps my brain busy!

On the bright side, I have the day off for a trip to Ikea with my Mum tomorrow. Does anybody else love that place or is it just me?! We’re looking for some storage furniture for the new house (I call it new, we’ve been there nearly 6 months now but still..) but I will be making a real day trip out of it!

How are you spending your weekend?



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