Last Week.

8 Feb

Wowzer, it’s been another busy week at school. Students are getting that ‘nearly the holidays’ feeling and are starting to cause problems – lying, suspensions, fighting. Nightmare!

The other night I was helping an Israeli boy with his prep though, and he told me that I was going to make a great teacher. It’s the little things like that that get me through the day!

And today I have been offered the chance to stay on next year should I wish to do so, which is a huge relief because between you and me I was starting to freak out a little!

Night off tonight, so time for some supper, hit the gym, and then settle down wth my book for an early night. I’m reading ‘One Day’ at the moment – has anyone read it? I love it, but it is taking me months (literally!) to get through because I’m always too tired to read in the evening (sadface!)

How’s your week going?



One Response to “Last Week.”

  1. Carolina John February 9, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

    Professional affirmations are always fantastic no matter where they come from. Good job!

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