Busy Bee

29 Feb

Wow, another super hectic few days at school.

Quick run down.

Teenage girls still get their hearts broken, and all of the pain of your boyfriend getting kicked out of school to return back to his own country can still be helped marginally by a card and cuddle from Miss Leach!

Boys hockey day again tomorrow – I am yet to prep my lesson but excited nonetheless… Especially if the weather is amazing as it has been today.

Talking of the amazing times today – I had my first ice cream of the year (double caramel magnum, in case you’re wondering!) and I also played tennis this afternoon! It is very clear that I have never been taught to play tennis – any tips very much appreciated! – but I enjoyed it nonetheless!

How has your week been so far? Ooh also, this is my first blog post from my snazzy new iPad!! How exciting!

❤ Sophie


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