Saturday 17.03.12

17 Mar

I feel like every time I sit down to write these days, I’m apologising fpaying updating properly in ages, and blaming it on how manic life is! Well, all of that is still true – so sorry again!

Last weekend my Mum came to meet me in Exeter on my day off.  We shopped and tried on sily sunglasses and had lunch and lounged around in the sun. It was so much fun, and so good to just get away from school for the day. I say it all the time, and it’s true, I love my job but I do get a bit of cabin fever every now and again!

It’s been a tough week. I went to a memorial service yesterday for an old neighbour that had passed away. His son is a very good friend of mine, and so I was really there to support him, but itwas still hard.  Although I wish it was under different circumstances, it was nice to see my friends again, and we made plans to go out this evening.

It’s a big weekend too – the final weekend of 6 nations games, mother’s day and my little brother is coming home for his Easter holidays this evening. However, all this work and play is taking its toll because I’ve been feeling a little rough 😦 I’m taking a duvet day today….

….hoping that I will be fully recovered enough to go dancing this evening 🙂

On the bright side – it’s only 10 days until the Easter break!

Have a great weekend, whatever you’re doing!

❤ Sophie.


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