Feeling Out Of The Loop?! Me Too!

8 May

I know this sounds a little ridiculous, but I feel a little out of the loop on my own life?! Time is going to quickly at the moment, and soon it will be the end of another academic year! So, here’s a little update for you all on all things job and future and school related in my life…


Umm where to start?! We are planning the school yearbook at the moment, and I need to ask a student to write my ‘profile’ for me. Seems simple, I know, but I’m worried about a) upsetting people, and b) having a balanced profile – I want it to be funny, for whoever I choose to state a few favourite memories of me, but I don’t want anybody I ask to feel like it’s too much pressure above the exam stress at the moment. Argh, stressful (for me, that is!)

That’s another thing – exams start next week. Seriously, were exams this early when I was at school?! It seems ridiculous! Everyone is starting to get anxious and very short with eachother. I feel arguments waiting to happen…!

Lastly, remember all that freaking out I was doing about what I was going to do with my life, and whether to apply to do a teacher training course or look for more jobs? (If not, catch up here...) Well, I have been offered the opportunity to extend my contract at school for another year…which I have accepted and think is a good idea. Sure, the money isn’t great, and I get reallllllyyyy tired sometimes, but I love the job and it’s good experience plus I have nothing else to do so seems silly to leave.

And breathe…I feel better just having written all that down! Thanks bloggy world!



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