Working Weekends Isn’t That Bad.

14 May

Whenever I tell them that I love my job, all of my friends ask whether I mind working at the weekends? Well, yes, of course I would rather be at home with my friends and family lying in and watching tv and socialising. But actually, in the grand scheme of places to work at the weekend, this is one of the best. I’ve had weekend jobs before where I’ve been locked up in boiling hot kitchens washing pans and peeling potatoes for hours on end, but here I get to play sport, watch endless dvds, eat pizza and chat to the kids.

This Saturday was one of my favourite weekend days at work all year. It was the first sunny day in weeks, and this seemed ot help relieve some of the exam stress people have been feeling as of late. There were tests and lessons going on all morning, but in the afternoon people were happy to sack in the revision in place of playing football and table tennis out in the sun, lounging around reading trashy magasines, chatting and playing the guitar.

One of my roles during the week is to coordinate the taking of photos for our school website, so in the evening I decided to take a stroll around the evening activities and catch up with some of the students. I’ve started to realise lately how little time we have left of this academic year, and how much I will miss a fair few of the kids (most of them will be moving on to different schools come September). One boy, Leon, was out stretching and training on the athletics track – we talked about his brothers and sisters and how many bedrooms there were in his house in Germany. Some of the students have been on a surfing trip today and got horrendously sunburnt, so I spent a while thinking of typically red things to make jokes about and compare them to! A few boys were sat playing the guitar watching a football match and they serenaded me as I walked past (‘I didn’t know which road to take until Miss Leach came and showed me the way’!), and I made it up to the tennis courts just in time to catch the winning point. How many people can say that they socialised this much on a Satursday night at work?

I love this place.


3 Responses to “Working Weekends Isn’t That Bad.”

  1. Carolina John May 14, 2012 at 2:44 pm #

    I used to work a lot of weekends, and really didn’t mind it either. That was before I had kids. Now I get a little more protective of my time.


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