Awww, I’m Getting All Emotional!

21 May

I know I’ve already posted this week about how much I am going to miss some of the kids at school when the year ends, but this is seriously too cute not to share! Remember in this post when I talked about the dilemma I was having asking some students to write my yearbook profile for me? well, I did in the end, and I’ve just recieved this email…..

Miss Leach

Mmmiiiissss llleeeeaaaccchhh… where to begin? This was Miss Leach’s first year at this school and she nailed it. Everyone here loves Miss Leach, because firstly she has the best sense of humour, she is extremely calm (even at 1 at night when we are making a complete racket in the girls boarding house), she takes care of all our needs and lifts our spirits high by telling us her “witty” jokes. Although she is all of the above she also knows how to put us in order especially when the fire alarm is going off at a ridiculous hour. When we feel sad she knows how to make us smile. I’m sure all the girls will miss Miss leach when they leave this year and from all the girls in the house want to thank her for being an amazing house pand we wish you luck next year with all the challenges that you will face. WE LOVE YOUUUU LEACHHYYYY  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

How amazing is that?!



2 Responses to “Awww, I’m Getting All Emotional!”

  1. melissa May 21, 2012 at 2:41 pm #

    That’s the sweetest thing!! Looks like you’re pretty darn good at what you do, miss 🙂


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    […] Some students wrote a lovely ‘blurb’ about me for their yearbook. […]

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