Weekend Recap

29 May

I had the best weekend in a very long time this week – especially as I was actually working!  (plus, if  my calculations are correct, it was actually my last working weekend this academic year -woohoo!)

Anyway, on Saturday I took a group of students on a surfing trip to Croyde in North Devon.  Somebody ran a similar trip a few weeks ago and the weather was gorgeous so I thought it would be just my luck that it rained this time, but it was hot hot hot!

It was lovely – the students got a 2hour surf lesson, while I got in some serious sunbathing time! And then we filled our afternoon playing beach games and eating fish and chips.


On Saturday night, we had a Eurovision Song Contest party at school. When I heard this was planned I didn’t know what to think, but it was actually so bad it was good, and with such a mix of nationalities in the room it was really good fun! When it gotto voting time, things got a little intense (think ‘ah I hate you, I can’t believe your country didn’t give my country any points!!’) but team Russia were relatively pleased with their final position 🙂

Sunday was my day off, so I went to Bristol to meet some friends. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures but we lunched and drank and talked while we enjoyed an ice cream by the river. I hadn’t seen my friend Lou since New Year which is an age considering we used to see each other every day at university, so there was a lot of catching up to be done!

How was your weekend?



One Response to “Weekend Recap”

  1. hoorayrue May 30, 2012 at 9:26 pm #

    You are so lucky to live near the coast!! I’m dying to get on a beach and put my feet in the sand.

    (I came here from 20sb!)

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