Checking In

4 Jun

I feel really awful that since finishing my ‘post a day’ challenge, I’ve left you all hanging here without any posts, so let me fill you in on the weekend.

Friday was departures day at school with the last students finally leaving at around 4.30pm. It was bittersweet really – I was very glad to see the back of them and for it to be half term break, but part of my couldn’t help thinking that next time we say goodbye (in only a few short weeks) will be for the final time in many cases.

Anyway, on Friday night, Abi and I went out for dinner. Pizza Express had a special 3course deal on, and it was amazingggggg!! And cocktails of course – we needed to congratulate ourselves for getting through the past few weeks!

I got up and travelled home around lunchtime on Saturday, and the rest of the weekend has been relatively quiet. To begin with, I was exhausted and just wanted to catch up on all my recorded tv (!!), and yesterday I woke up with the most horrendous stomach pains. After riding it out for most of the day, I ended up paying a trip to A&E as I was concerned that I was displaying many of the symptoms of Appendicitis 😦 After a lot of painful poking and prodding, it was established that I just had a really bad stomach bug and that it would pass in time…..

I managed to get a semi-decent night’s sleep, and am hoping that I will feel human again once the pain killers kick in! I am heading out for brunch as I didn’t eat much yesterday, and am now starving!

How was your weekend?

<;3 Sophie

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