Ten For Tuesday

5 Jun

1. You’ll be glad to hear that I’m mostly over that horrendous stomach bug from the weekend – hopefully well enough to enjoy Nandos for lunch today 🙂

2. I can’t believe that this double bank holiday weekend has fallen within half term – talk about bad luck! I’m essentially only getting 3 days of holiday!

3. Last night I watched ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’. I plan on writing more about it soon, but all I will say for now is – if you haven’t seen it, see it. Amazing.

4. I am storming ahead with this month’s goal of watching 5 TED talks. 2 down this morning and it’s only 11am!

5. Did anybody watch The Jubilee Concert last night? I only caught the end, but why were Stevie Wonder & Will.i.am singing Happy Birthday?! Must have missed the briefing!

6. I went to one of my favourite restaurants in Plymouth yesterday, but was disappointed with the bank holiday service. I ordered breakfast and a pot of tea (bearing in mind. Hadn’t eaten anything for 24hrs+ you can imagine how I was feeling). Breakfast arrived after about 15minutes and was as delicious as usual, despite the eggs being a little sloppy. About 20minutes after I’d finished my breakfast, the tea arrived – with a takeaway paper cup to drink it out of and the milk in a glass as thy’d run out of clean cups (because they hadn’t been collecting them). Call me high maintenance but is it too much to ask to get your tea with your breakfast?! Time to find a new local haunt…

7. Wow, that rant should have had it’s own post!

8. I have just downloaded a new ‘tesco recipes’ app (geek alert!) and have found some awesome burger recipes that I am very excited to try!

9. I realise that Maisie hasn’t been featured on the blog for ages – probably since I’m rarely at home anymore, but she’s still as cute as ever!


10. Happy Tuesday!


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