Five For Friday

29 Jun

1. This week has been mental! I’ve hardly had time to sleep, let alone blog, which makes me sad! It does mean that I’m going to have a good hour catching up on reading all your posts once I have time to relax a little tomorrow!

2. It’s our end of year staff do tonight – excited!!

3. I have some very exciting news coming up next week 🙂

4. I am loving the weather lately – it was so sunny yesterday! 🙂

5. I have to move rooms at school this weekend, and have thus far done nothing which is stressing me out a little…. I hate hate hate packing 😦

how are you all? Happy Friday!


One Response to “Five For Friday”

  1. Carolina John June 29, 2012 at 3:43 pm #

    yep, been there. It’s been a long week with no time left to breathe.

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