Training Day, End Of Year Party & Summer School.

4 Jul

Hey friends 🙂

It’s been another few busy days here. Last Friday we had a training day for the summer school that started this week. I remember atttending this training day last year as a brand new member of staff and I was SO NERVOUS! I can’t really remember why now, but it was all so new, and there were so many new people to meet.

I never thought that some of them would end up being my bestest friends and I couldn’t anticipate how much I miss them when I’m only away for the weekend.

This year the day was completely different – suddenly I was introducing myself  to the new staff and running around sorting everything out – single handedly keeping the admin and prep alive!!

On Friday night we enjoyed an End of Year staff night out – dinner at Zizzis and then a night out on the town. Needless to say I was feeling a little worse for wear on Saturday morning (and afternoon…and evening!) but it was lovely to have some fun together after a stressful few weeks.

On Monday, all the students for Summer School arrived. It’s so exciting – we have such a range of students of nationalities that we didn’t have during term time – Mexican, Brazillian, Danish and Finnish to name but a few 🙂 I don’t know if it comes from my love to travel or just being interested or whatever, but I love learning about different cultures and how people do things.

How has your week been anyway?



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