Summer Blog Swap: Chris @ Ink Spot Stories.

18 Jul

Hello lovelies πŸ™‚
I hope you’re all okay – I know I’ve been a bit awol lately, and still really want to tell you about my weekend, but today is a little different as I’m taking part in the 20sb Summer blog swap!

So meet Chris, from Ink Spot Stories.


Timing isn’t my speciality, but this summer night I was living the dream and asked a hot girl out…at the worst moment possible. It was great timing for me but unfortunately not so great for her.

This happened to me while I was in high school – the awkward years when I hadn’t found myself but I had sparks of a confident and happy self.

It was a Friday night and one of the new friends I was hanging out with at my new high school invited me out to party with him and a couple of his friends. Dave talked the girls up and talked about how they were down for a good night out. I was just out to try and forget the problems within myself so I went along. The girls came and I knew that Dave wasn’t lying. The two other girls didn’t matter but Mandy was the one I wanted. Me and Mandy just started to click right away. She was smoking and drinking while I was just continued to drink my RC Cola. In case you’re curious, it’s a pool hall that we went to. They let kids in until 11pm then they ID anyone in the place.
Anyway, the group of us walked from the mall up the road towards the pool hall/bar. I was chatting up Mandy the whole walk. Hell, I tried to sneak a kiss but she blew smoke in my face! I nearly gagged but I shook it off and took my first step into this bar. There was Dim lighting and a bunch of pool tables. The smoke was everywhere. At times wanted to leave but this woman was something different and my heart pushed me on. A couple (as in six!) games of pool later, we got kicked out of the place. We all returned to the mall to kick it before I had to commute home. The booze flowed and drugs were smoked by everyone except for me that night. Finally, I decided after my nerves getting the best of me to risk it all and ask Mandy out on another more private date. She stumbled back a bit before grabbing my arm and walking away from the rest of the group. We walked around the corner and just stared at each other. The cold night air was pretty warm for a July night. I nearly jumped as she held my hand. There was a short but brief conversation about how we saw each other. I couldn’t wait much longer because the last bus was coming and I felt like there was enough of a chance she’d say yes that I asked her for a actual date. She giggled then answered with, “You’ve got the worst timing. I would so say yes but can you ask me again when I’m not so drunk.” And to add insult to the moment, she turned and threw up. I walked over, held her hair back then the tyre of the bus screeched. I couldn’t risk having to walk home from Kanata so I stuffed a piece of paper with my number on it into her pocked and ended my night barely making the bus.
Poor Chris! I’d love to hear how it all worked out in the end…..pop over and say hello at his blog!

I’ll be back tomorrow with Thursday’s Book Chat πŸ™‚



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