The (Belated) Book Chat.

3 Aug

Sometimes I get to Friday and realise that I have been busy and I have missed The Book Chat link up, and normally decide to give it a miss. I love this week’s prompt though – scanning pinterest for quotes is a little guilty pleasure of mine.


Although I have a few other favourites, most of what I consider to be ‘memorable lines’ appear without a doubt in the Harry Potter series, so here goes…. (Jessica, I hope you’re enjoying the books!)





Think I’ll be taking a leaf out of Melissa‘s book and re-reading this series soon – I LOVE HP!

Your turn – what are your favourite quotes?



One Response to “The (Belated) Book Chat.”

  1. melissa August 4, 2012 at 4:12 pm #


    Seriously I'm going through such serious HP obsession right now while re-reading, you HAVE to re-read them. It's crazy how many little things you forget. And now, I find myself making HP references all the time. Like just last night my friend said "Oh look a full moon!" and I immediately thought of Remus Lupin turning into a werewolf. I mean, that's weird right? LOL.

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