Photo Time – Finally!

4 Aug

I am well aware that I have been promising some photos of the last few weeks for ages now, so here goes…

This is why I miss living in a little village where everybody knows everybody and there is a proper community!

Lots of nights out with my very best friends (This picture is just one example of why I need the new exercise regime..!)

Pints of cocktail in a milk bottle?!! Yes please!

The black dragon hit 100,000 miles a few weeks ago on my trip to the welshlands! First thing I did, took a picture, obviously! True blogger, right there!

Lunch with the girls 🙂

It’s been a good start to the summer!

One Response to “Photo Time – Finally!”

  1. melissa August 5, 2012 at 4:56 am #

    I’m really liking the short hair cut on you.. It may have been a while that you’ve had it but it’s the first time I see pics! Cute! 🙂

    Also sounds like you’re having a fantastic summer… and it’s only going up from here! Europeeee wooohhh!!

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