Eurotrip Recap: The Night Train Fiasco.

11 Sep

So last time we spoke, I was just leaving Skopje, about to get on the night train to Belgrade, en route to Croatia. Seriously, it was the longest journey ever, and despite being a true believer that ‘the travelling is all part of the experience’, I was soon wishing that I’d just booked an easyjet flight from Athens to Split!

The night train was a horrendous experience. I had heard from friends that had done it before that the beds weren’t very comfortable, and I wasn’t likely to get a great night’s sleep, but thought it was worth it due to the accomodation money I’d be saving. First key lesson of the trip: There is a big big big difference between a night train and a sleeper train!

The train that we ended up on was just a regular train that travelled over night – no beds in sight! So I spent a horrible night, not sleeping, pressed up against an old Serbian lady who kept trying to talk to my despite me making it very clear that I couldn’t understand a word she was saying!

In hindsight, it was funny and a truly Balkan experience, but at the time I just wanted to die a little…!


One Response to “Eurotrip Recap: The Night Train Fiasco.”

  1. melissa September 11, 2012 at 12:58 pm #

    Ugh this just reminds me of every single flight I’ve ever had to take LOL. Flying to and from Brazil was 24 hours, and planes are already cramped enough without having to deal with attempted a couple hours SLEEP. Luckily I’ve learned that I can take an anti-nausea pill with drowsy side-effects and it knocks me out so completely my body doesn’t care which way I sleep. You literally cannot wake me for a good 3-4 hours per pill (take 2 you’re set for the night!)

    We almost booked a sleeper train from Italy to Nice, but it was like 15 hours and like.. 200$. Insanity! They definitely aren’t always worth it. And what’s the deal with the Serbian lady not understanding it’s SLEEP TIME? lol! Definitely an experience you had there!

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